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How to Get Back Inside Your Home When You’re Locked Out

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Locking yourself out of your home can be a frustrating and stressful experience. It’s a situation that most of us will find ourselves in at some point, but the good news is that there are several ways to get back inside.

This blog post will explore various methods for getting back into your home when you’re locked out. From using a spare key and checking your first-floor windows to calling a locksmith, we will cover it all and give you the information you need to regain access to your home in a timely and efficient manner.

So, whether you’re in a hurry to get to work or just need to get inside to grab something you’ve forgotten, read on to learn how to get back into your home when locked out.

5 Ways to Unlock a Door Without Keys

Use a Lock Pick Set

A lock pick set is used to manipulate the pins of a standard tumbler cylinder lock, allowing you to open it without using keys. It requires practice and skill but can be an effective way to unlock doors if you know what you’re doing. You can purchase lock-picking sets from specialized vendors online. Be sure to research lock-picking laws before purchasing and using one.

Unlock with a Shank

Lock shanks, also known as tension wrenches, are often used with lock picks. The shank is inserted into the hole of the keyway and provides steady pressure while you attempt to pick the pins inside with a pick tool.

Use Bump Keys

A bump key is a specially cut key that can open any pin tumbler lock in mere seconds if used correctly. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to unlock the most common door locks, but it also requires skill and practice for reliable results.

Try Magnetic Key Hacks

If you have access to a strong Neodymium magnet, you can use it to unlock certain types of locks. The basics involve placing the magnet in front of a locked doorknob and pulling the pins inside the cylinder, allowing you to rotate the knob and open the door.

Coat Hanger Trick

Using a coat hanger trick is an oldie but a goodie. It involves using a sturdy wire hanger to manipulate the locking mechanism inside the door, allowing you to turn the knob and open it without having access to a key.

Call a Professional Locksmith

You can always call a professional locksmith for help if all else fails. While this may be more expensive than other methods, they are experienced at unlocking any type of lock quickly and safely.

How to Pick Your Door Lock with Objects Inside Your Bags

Bobby Pin

A bobby pin can be bent and used to try and manipulate the lock open, although it may take some practice to become proficient.


Straighten out a paperclip and try to use it to push the locking mechanism inside the lock.


A hairpin can be bent and used in a similar manner to a bobby pin to try and manipulate the lock open.

Pen or Pencil

A pen or pencil can push the locking mechanism inside the lock, although it may be weaker than a bobby pin or hairpin.

Credit Card

If the door has a simple latch lock, you can use a credit card to open it by sliding the card between the door and the frame and gently pushing the lock back.

Tips on How to Avoid Lockouts

  • Keep your spare house key in a safe place, such as with a trusted neighbor or family member, or a hidden location outside your home, such as under a loose brick or in a fake rock in your front door.
  • Multiple copies of your keys can come in handy if you lose one or more.
  • Consider using a keyless entry system, such as a smart lock, to grant and revoke your home access remotely.
  • Keep an inventory of all the keys you have and where they’re located. This will help you know where to look for your keys if you can’t find them.
  • Try to habitually put your house keys in the same place every time you come home. This will help you remember where you left them.
  • Avoid lending your keys to others, as it can be easy to forget who has them and where.
  • Always check that you have your keys before leaving your own house.
  • Make sure to put your keys in the same place every time you come home.

By taking these steps, you can minimize the risk of lockouts and ensure you always have access to your home. If you find yourself locked out, you can use a spare key or call a locksmith to regain access.

Call a Locksmith When Locked Out of Your Home

Calling a locksmith is one of the most effective ways to regain access to your home when locked out. Here are some tips on how to call a locksmith and what to expect when they arrive:

  1. Research locksmiths in your area: Look for local locksmiths with good reviews. Make sure they are licensed and insured.
  2. Have the address and a form of identification ready: When you call a locksmith, they will likely ask for your address and some form of identification to verify that you are the homeowner or tenant.
  3. Be prepared to provide details about the lock: The locksmith will need to know the type of lock you have to determine the best course of action for opening it.
  4. Be prepared to wait: Depending on their schedule, a locksmith may only be able to arrive at your home after a period of time. Be prepared to wait and have a backup plan in case of a delay.
  5. Expect to pay a fee: Locksmiths typically charge a fee for their services, which can vary depending on the type of lock, the time of day, and the location.
  6. Have an ID ready: The locksmith will ask to see an ID to confirm that you are the homeowner or tenant.

When the locksmith arrives, they will assess the situation and identify the best action to open the lock. They may use specialized tools and techniques to pick the lock or drill through it. Be prepared to pay a fee for the service and be ready to show your ID to confirm your identity.

Why Choose a Locksmith in Atlanta?

Whether you have a broken window, locked door (front and back door), or sliding glass doors that need to be opened, King Locksmith Atlanta is the professional locksmith to call. Our experienced technicians carry specialized tools and will arrive onsite quickly and efficiently to get your home secure again in no time.

We understand the importance of protecting your home and family, so we ensure our services are reliable and excellent. We can also provide spare keys for your house key should you ever find yourself locked out of your own home.

Perhaps you find yourself with a broken window pane, or a wire hanger stuck in the doorknob. One of your other doors may have a locking mechanism that is not working properly. Don’t worry – King Locksmith Atlanta has you covered. We’ll get your door unlocked, and window screen replaced, and replaced any broken glass that may have resulted from the issue.

When it comes to ensuring your home’s safety and security, King Locksmith Atlanta is the go-to choice in Atlanta! Contact us today and let our experienced technicians help you feel secure again.

How to Get Back Inside Your Home When You're Locked Out
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