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8 Easy Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Your Remote Start Not Working

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A remote starter system is a convenient safety feature that allows you to start your car remotely, so it’s warm and ready to go by the time you’re prepared to leave. However, if your remote start isn’t working, it can be a frustrating experience.

Before you call a locksmith, there are some easy troubleshooting tips you can try to fix the problem yourself. This blog post will cover eight easy troubleshooting tips to help fix your remote start not working.

Common Reasons Why Remote Starters May Not Be Working

If remote starter systems are not working, it could be for several reasons.

Dead Battery in the Remote

The remote starter switch won’t work if the remote itself has a dead battery.

Out of Range

The remote starter controller has a limited range, so if you are too far away from your vehicle, the system may not work.


Other electronic devices, such as cell phones or garage door openers, can interfere with the signal from the remote start.

Automatic Transmission

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, the system will not work unless the transmission is in “park.”

Security System

If your vehicle has a security system, the remote start feature may be prevented from working if the alarm is activated.

Faulty Remote Start System

The remote car starter may malfunction and must be diagnosed and repaired by a professional.

Cold Weather

Cold weather can affect the performance of the remote car starter, making it less reliable.

Need of Service

A remote start system may need service and software updates if it has not been serviced for a long time.

Many remote starter systems can also have these possibles causes, such as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp may be illuminated, the coolant temperature could be too high, or the oil pressure might be low. If you have hazard lights on, they can interfere with remote start as well.

How to Diagnose and Troubleshoot Your Remote Start Problems

To diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your remote start system, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the battery: Make sure the battery in the remote is not dead by testing it with a multimeter or by trying it on another device.
  2. Check engine light and the range: Stand close to your vehicle and try using the remote start. If it works at close range but not from farther away, the range may be the issue.
  3. Check for interference: Turn off any electronic devices near your vehicle, such as cell phones or garage door openers, and try using the remote to start again.
  4. Check the transmission: Ensure the transmission is in “park” if your vehicle has an automatic transmission.
  5. Check the security system: Make sure the security system is not preventing the remote start from working by disabling the alarm or consulting the vehicle’s manual.
  6. Check wiring and fuses: Ensure all the wiring to the remote start is secure and not damaged. Check the fuses in the remote starter unit or in the car and ensure they are not blown.
  7. Check for software updates: Check the manufacturer’s website or with the service center for any software updates for the remote starter unit.
  8. Visit a Locksmith: If the above steps don’t fix the problem, it may be necessary to take your vehicle to a professional locksmith who can diagnose and repair any issues with the remote start system.

Tips on Preventing Future Remote Start Problems

By following a few effective tips, you can help prevent your remote start from having problems in the future:

  • Keep your remote control away from electronic devices that may interfere with the signal, such as cell phones, laptops, or other remote controls.
  • Test the remote start regularly to ensure that it is still working properly.
  • Replace the battery in the remote car starter as soon as it dies.
  • If you park your car in a well-sheltered area, you will be less likely to have problems with the remote start system in extreme weather conditions.
  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained, and have it serviced regularly. This includes a remote starter unit.
  • Overusing the remote starter puts unnecessary wear on the system and can lead to problems.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website or with the service center for any software updates for the remote starter unit and update the same if needed.
  • Make sure that the remote starter is properly installed by a professional, and check the same with a professional if you have any doubts about the functionality and operation.
When Do You Need to Get a Replacement Remote?

There are certain situations where you might need to get a replacement remote for your remote start system:

Dead Battery

If the battery in your remote starter system is dead and can no longer hold a charge, you will need to replace the remote.

Physical Damage 

If the remote control has been dropped or subjected to water damage, it may no longer function properly, and a replacement may be required.

Lost or Stolen

If your remote control is lost or stolen, you must replace it to continue using the remote start system.


If you find that your remote start system is not working properly, and you have ruled out issues with the range or other electronic devices, the remote control may malfunction, and a replacement may be needed.

Outdated Remote

If your remote is outdated and the manufacturer stops supporting it with updates or new software, you may need to get a new one that will work with updated systems

Compatible Remote for the Car

As remote starter units are car specific, if you have changed your car, you may need a different remote to control the starter system of your new car.

In any of these cases, it’s important to make sure that you get a compatible remote for your vehicle and system to ensure that it will work properly. You may also need to have a professional locksmith program the new remote before it will function with your car.

King Locksmith Atlanta provides replacement remote controls for various vehicles and can also provide programming services. Contact us today to get started!

8 Easy Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Your Remote Start Not Working
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